10: 3D specks

Ok. Dream Cast, here we go.

Since I didn't start reading the books until Thursday, all of the casting for the first movie have been done for me, and frankly, that's a bit of a relief, because I have no idea who I wanted to play Katniss. Also, that's one book lees of people I have to scour the interwebs for. With that being said, as I read the books, I started to think "Who would play Beetee?" And started a dream cast in my brains.

So here we go:
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And this marks the end of my little wishful thinking tirade. I'll post Mockingjay later.
oh my god


I just finished The Hunger Games.

Why have I not read this book before?!

I have to admit I wasn't interested in seeing the movie, but now that I've read the book...... I must do this thing. I'm a little sad tho, that I've read it, because now, NOW, I KNOW HOW IT FUCKING ENDS.

Also, if they never make Catching Fire (to which I am currently reading as fast as I can) I can see how the end would be alright. Not good, but alright.

I also just saw the previews for the first time and I have to say, I can see some obvious changes but I think they're ones that I can live with....

And I have to say, that even tho I am WAAAAAYY older than Josh Hutcherson.... Wowzas that boy has grown into a yummy man..... If that's not to pedophileish. Then again he is going to be 20.. Anyway, I just got super creepy... Sorry.

But now if you'll excuse me, its 12:48 am, I have work in the morning, and I also have to continue to read Catching Fire until I fall into a senseless slumber.
9: Serious Chris E

People I work with are so fucking weird.

There are two girls who are engaged. One is getting married within the next week and a half (we'll call her A) and the other...(We'll call her B)well she shouldn't be marrying the guy she's with because he is a complete and total fucktard. But you know what? She's making her bed. So whatever. Anyway Girl A is marry a man who has loads of money. He's paying for his future wife to have the kind of dream wedding that one could only hope to have (if one is the type of girl who dreams of getting married.) He's footing the bill and she can have everything she wants, including a wedding in Disney land. Good. For. Her. Every girl deserves a guy who will do anything for her. Girl B's boy was in jail. He cheated on her numerous times, and when Girl B found out about said affairs, her boy told her "She just has to learn to deal with it." Shes decided to marry this man.... Me? Fuck him, you can have your bitch, have fun. But she's not me, and I am not her. So there that is. Anyways.

Girl A and Girl B are friends.

Girl B is totally bashing Girl A's wedding behind her back. I think she's super jealous because... why wouldn't you be? Your fiancee is giving you everything you want.

As for me? If you can afford a $20,000 wedding, good for you, have fun, be safe, see you when you get back. I don't care. I did care because she had some monstrous ideas about decor. But other than that, if it makes you happy... Whatev.

Anyway, point being, I don't understand why Girl B doesn't just suck it up and smile and go home and cry in her pillow and be sad because her boy sucks.

The end.
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Piemaker: Pout

Happy Sunday.

Let's see, this week was pretty mild. Went to work did stuff that mattered to only me.

I am a very boring person, I know.

Oh! I did go to the beach on Thursday and took pictures of the sunset. I was hoping to see the green flash, but there were clouds along the horizon. In reality, I don't think it truly exists.

AND I JUST STEPPED ON A HUGE FREAKING CENTIPEDE out side. It's a lucky thing that it didn't bite me. Blech. I hate centipedes. I HATE them. BAH.

Other than that the only thing to really happen was Whitney Houston died. I can't say that I'm surprised. I am a little socked. But what can you do? People die. Life goes on.

Does that make me insensitive or...?
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Here's the thing....

People on tumblr are going all bat shit crazy about Tangled and how there are no people of color in the movie....

Here's my stance on the issue.

Who. Gives. A. Fuck?

As a person on color/mixed race person I know how it feels not to have Disney cartoons cater to me. And you know what? That shit scared me for life. I still want red hair to this very fucking day. I still wish my hair were straight and not curly as hell. Do I wish that Disney added more poc to their movies? Sure I do. I think that it would give their movies a depth that most cartoons don't have. But you know what, I'm not in an authoritative position to change their policies. You want something to change, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Don't just sit behind your computers and bitch about how you're "disappointed" at Disney for not putting poc in a movie that clearly wouldn't have poc in it. Oh, and by the way, if there were poc in the movie, they would be slaves in it, no matter their race. Make a petition, write a letter, give an interview.

But understand this, Disney makes movies that are... and I'm hating that I'm going to say this, somewhat historically accurate. DO not mistake me, I know about how horrible Disney is when it comes to making things historically accurate (this is why I've only seen Pocahontas once.) But when it comes to skin tones, they're pretty spot on. Mulan had no white people in it. Aladdin had no white people in it. And historically speaking, when those films were set, there were indeed no white people in those places.

So what if Disney made yet ANOTHER film with ANOTHER blonde princess in it. They've made so many now that its worthless actually trying to keep count. Put on your big girl panties and deal with the fact that there are some movie genres that are still dominated by white people. It's just the way that they were written. Does it make it right? No. Does it make it wrong? A little yeah. Do we need to integrate more poc in movies marketed to children? OF COURSE!! Life has many different colors and people in it. And I do believe that movies marketed to children do need to have that sort of diversity in them.

In any case, if you're going to get up in arms about no poc in movies, get pissed for EVERY MOVIE you see, because its useless of you to bitch about one and not others. Do I need bring up movies like Lord of the Rings where there are no poc in the movie? I don't see anyone bitching about that. Or are you just choosing Tangled because it's a child's film?

*On a side note, I happen to fucking LOVE Lord of the Rings. 
Z: bored

Do you want the truth or something beautiful?

 So I just found this wonderful woman called Paloma Faith and shes beautiful and wonderful and her voice is amazing. Shes like a younger, sober, prettier version of Amy Winehouse. 

So other than last nights mini make believe drama thats all thats been going on right now. Well, that and I'm looking forward to going to Hairspray!! Yes, that's right, Diamond Head Theater's last play of this season is Hairspray and guess what bitches? I'm going! Well, that is if I buy the tickets... I should go and do that.

Catch you around bitches.
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B&B: belle raised eyebrow

um. huh.

 So. I was dicking around on Facebook, and I decided to look up Jay. I know. I know. It's been a while. But I posed something up on tumblr and I thought of him, so I decided to take a peak.

He's here. On the island. Been here since Monday or some such thing. And I just looked at this picture of a car he had taken a picture of while he was here and all I could think of was... He doesnt even know if I'm alright. If the cancer is all gone. If i've adjusted to all the changes in my life. And he never once emailed or called or texted or nothing to see if i was ok. and i'm a little hurt by this because.... i am. but mostly confused. if i knew someone had cancer, and they were someone that i was very very close to, i would check in, even if it meant, facing some pretty uncomfortable things that happened between us. but, to not even be curious? or anything? 

i honestly, truly do not know how to feel about this. 
but it does put into perspective where i stand in  his life, and if/when he thinks of me.
basically never. 

Um...... Huh. 
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WOz: I feel tired

(no subject)


I just pulled out my two upper wisdoms so I'm a little loopy from the pain... And by a little i mean a lot. 

And I got my first credit card. HUZZAH! Now i need to stop using it so I can pay it off (it's under 100$ so fear not. I'm not going to throw myself into financial ruin. I know how to hold back thank you very much)

Still in love with doctor who. Still wish i was living in England. 

that is all. 
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