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There are two girls who are engaged. One is getting married within the next week and a half (we'll call her A) and the other...(We'll call her B)well she shouldn't be marrying the guy she's with because he is a complete and total fucktard. But you know what? She's making her bed. So whatever. Anyway Girl A is marry a man who has loads of money. He's paying for his future wife to have the kind of dream wedding that one could only hope to have (if one is the type of girl who dreams of getting married.) He's footing the bill and she can have everything she wants, including a wedding in Disney land. Good. For. Her. Every girl deserves a guy who will do anything for her. Girl B's boy was in jail. He cheated on her numerous times, and when Girl B found out about said affairs, her boy told her "She just has to learn to deal with it." Shes decided to marry this man.... Me? Fuck him, you can have your bitch, have fun. But she's not me, and I am not her. So there that is. Anyways.

Girl A and Girl B are friends.

Girl B is totally bashing Girl A's wedding behind her back. I think she's super jealous because... why wouldn't you be? Your fiancee is giving you everything you want.

As for me? If you can afford a $20,000 wedding, good for you, have fun, be safe, see you when you get back. I don't care. I did care because she had some monstrous ideas about decor. But other than that, if it makes you happy... Whatev.

Anyway, point being, I don't understand why Girl B doesn't just suck it up and smile and go home and cry in her pillow and be sad because her boy sucks.

The end.


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